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The All-Around Tournament is the first tournament being played on all 6 maps proposed and organized by Qorlas. It's first arrangement was played from July to October 2009 with 10 players in a double group round robin and a following knock-out round with chrismmm beating womble in finals. The second AAT was played from May to July 2010 with 11 players and womble beating Drakestorm in finals.

[edit] History

  year     Winner     Runner-up  
  2009     chrismmm_1987     womble  
  2010     womble     DrakeStorm  
  2011     Sysyphus     chrismmm_1987  
  2012     DrakeStorm     Knockando_  
  2013     DrakeStorm     Sysyphus  
  2014     Sysyphus     Lexx_  

[edit] Rules

The All-Around Tournament's rules refer to the World TTR League Rules with following special features:

A) Tournament Structure:

  • First phase with small groups (Groups will have max of 5 players, but best option will be 4 players)
  • Knockout Phase (number of players passing to the KO phase will be decided by the TD at the start of the tournament according to the number of groups)

B) Match Structure:

  • Best of 6 series
  • We will use all the maps: USA, Europe, Swiss, 1910, Big Cities and Mega, Asia, One map will be excluded in each clash
  • IN RR:First game, the higher ranked player will choose the map and he will start. In the second game this will be done by the lower ranked and going on alternatively.
  • IN KO:

-In all the rounds players that were 1st placed in the groups will gain the "higher ranked privilege" regarding the starts over players worse placed.
1st place gains over 2nd and 3rd place
2nd place gains over 3rd place
-In case of a match between players that reached the same group position in round robin, the "higher ranked" will go to the player that had the higher point average in group phase.

  • The ranking of the players will be the one that will be used to make the groups at the start of the tournament.


  • The Round Robin games can be played at any order
  • In the round robin all the games will be played.
  • In the knock-out the games will be played only up to the point needed to declare a winner.
  • Ties count and will be considered like half point for both players.
  • In the case of a tie after the six games in the knock-out: Game 7 will be played with map chosen by higher ranked player and lower ranked player will go first. Choosing and starting alternates till a player wins by 2. Cannot chose the same map for a third time until all maps have been played an equal number of times. In game 7 you can choose the map between all the maps. In game 8 you can choose only a map for which is not the 3rd game and so on.
  • In the knock-out phase there will be a week to play each round (deadlines will be declared each time)
  • Points in the groups: all games count. League rules apply: 1 point for each game win (0.5 for ties) and 2 point for a series win (1 for a tied series).
  • Tie-Breaker in Round Robin: 1. points won, 2. direct match, 3. matches won, 4. games won. 5. initial ranking

D) Games should be played open in the knock-out rounds. Choice of the players in the round robins.

E) Seeding and ranking will be made through AAT TELO.

F) There will be one TD (me).

G) This tournament is thought as a fun competition to be done during the summer, so I take the right to reject players that are suspicious of cheating or do not meet basic netiquette.

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