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   Welcome to Tickipedia : by and for the Ticket To Ride competitive community !

   Latest News

   Ongoing and upcoming tournaments

Tournament Edition Status Directors/Organizers
Nations Cup 10th underway Truckerteller Sysyphus
NC Captains QT 8th Monday Nov. 3rd ommie
NC Heroes QT 8th Tuesday Nov. 4th ommie
Multi Player USA Championship 6th underway Qorlas
FUN Tournament 6th underway ommie
New TTR League 2nd registration open Qorlas


Link to the player vs player stats tool

   Tournament ELO

The Tournament ELO (TELO) was created as an alternative to DoW's ELO. It only takes into consideration Tournament Results, and will be used for seeding many of the tournaments.

   Overall Championship

The Overall Championship will crown the most consistent player in individual tournament during the year 2014. All 7 championships will allocate points according to each player's performance. The player with the most points at the end of the year 2014 will be proclaimed winner of the OVERALL championship.


Link to the TTR competitive community forum             Link to the 2014 Tournament Calendar

   2-player (1 vs 1)

   Single Player World Championship

The Single Player World Championship (SPWC) is the most prestigious and the most competitive individual tournament online. It is a Knock-out -best of 7/9- tournament played on the original US map. The single-elimination format was extended to other maps. You can also challenge top players on the European Map (EMC), on the Swiss Map (SMC), and on the Asia Map (AMC).
The All Around Tournament (AAT) is a competition played on all the Ticket to Ride maps available online. AAT is usually played in June and July
For the AAT, each match consists of 6 games and each game is played on a different map ! Here's your chance to play the following maps : USA, Europe, Big Cities, USA 1910, Mega Game, Swiss and Legendary Asia !

Here are our 2014 champions :

Map Winner Runner-Up Participants
USA Tenniskasi(GER) Sysyphus(FRA)
Europe RMarkes(POR) GSV3(BEL)
Swiss Truckerteller(NL) Knockando(FRA)
Asia Lexx(CH) WILL(UK)
AAT Sysyphus(FRA) Lexx(RUS)
   World TTR League

World TTR League was proposed and organized by Wildfire. It originally started in January 2009.
After 13 seasons, the format was revamped in 2014 : groups of 16 players similar to a soccer national championship! The best players in each division will be promoted at the end of the season !
See New TTR League for all divisions, tables, matches, games, rules ...
Here's the list of the NTL's first season division winners :

Season 13 Winner Runner-Up
Division ATruckerteller(NL)Hecki(GER)
Division BPatterson(NL)maf(FRA)
Division CCromze(FRA)dandee(ITA)
Division D1Enix(FRA)Julichka(UKR)
Division D22Cutter(GER)ZIL(FRA)


Euroleague was launched in January 2013 by Qorlas, in a format similar to the World TTR League.
See Euroleague for all divisions, tables, matches, games, rules ...
Here's a list Euroleague's last season division winners :

Season 01 Winner Runner-Up
Division A335d(GER)Morientes ZL(UKR)
Division Bnicolas21(FRA)xbomanx(FRA)


   Nations Cup

The Nations Cup (NC) is the most popular team competition, and is played on the US map. In a weekly clash, 2 national teams play each other and send 4 players to fight against an opponent on a 1 vs 1 match. Teams are competing first in a Round Robin before fighting each other in the Knock-Out (single elimination) Round.
The NC's first edition took place in 2005 based an idea from bassie. Since then, the community has organised a NC every fall. The 2013 tournament was its 9th edition and ended in mid-December.
Here are the past NC champions :

Year Winner Runner-Up Teams
NC 2013Red TGV(FRA)Supercalifragilistic... Oranje Superstars(NL)
NC 2012We Are Simply Allowed(TNT)Unique Ecstasized Germans(GER)
NC 2011Team und Spass(GER)UKB(UK/Belgium)
NC 2010Catalunya(SPA)Team und Spass(GER)
NC 2009Unique Ecstasized Germans(GER)True Rocks you Everytime(TNT)
NC 2008Unique Ecstasized Germans(GER)Austrian Troublemakers(AUT)
NC 2007Austrian Troublemakers(AUT)German Train Smashers(GER)
NC 2006German Train Smashers(GER)Team ReThink(GER)
NC 2005Red TGV(FRA)Austria(AUT)

   Fusion Cup

We aimed at promoting the alternative maps, this is why we created a new team tournament : the Fusion Cup.
You can play a 1 vs 1 6-game match on a different map (US, Europe, AAT format), or 2 vs 2 'TAG' game on the US map. The Gang won the first edition in 2013, beating Blend Those Basterds in Final !

Year Winner Runner-Up Teams
Fusion 2014
Brazilian Touch Basterds
Fusion 2013
Blend Those Basterds

   Multiplayer TOURNAMENTS

   Multi Player Winter Championship

Multi Player Winter Championship (MPWC) is a competition played exclusively on the US map, usually starting in November. All games played are a battle between 4 or 5 players.
Tourney consists of 3 phases : 1st Round, semis and the final. 36 players were part of the last edition.
The final, including the 5 best players, is played during a single-event in January.

Year Winner Runner-Up Participants
MPWC 2013/2014

   Multiplayer Euro Map Championship

Multiplayer Euro Map Championship (MEMC) is the equivalent of MPWC on the Europe map. 28 players are part of this year's edition. The final, including the 5 best players, is played during a single-event in September or October.

Year Winner Runner-Up Participants
MEMC 2014
Morientes ZL(UKR)
MEMC 2013

   Other tournaments

   FUN tournament

The Fun tournament is a competition played exclusively on the US map.
All matches consist of 5 games, 1 vs 1. Each game is a different (and fun !) variant of the original Ticket to Ride game ! Here's your chance to play a snake, 5 tix, 8+nono, draw open, no5/no6 ! If you want to play some fun games, in a friendly atmosphere, go sign up !

   Quick tournaments

A Quick Tournament (QT) is a single night event. In a single-elimination bracket, players face each other in a single game in a 1 vs 1 format. We have the Captains QT and Heroes QT during NC. We plan to have one QT to open every major event (NC, SPWC and Fusion).

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