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Buy as much luxury goods as possible, because they are not only well designed, but also of good quality and durability. Fourth, we should always pay attention to maintenance, so that it is always clean and fresh, but should maintain the appearance intact, if there is any problem with the joint Title Loaded From File suture, it must be repaired immediately. The selection of handbags according to personal preferences, clothing, occasions and other factors to decide, in general, the handbag color should not too bright eye-catching, with easy to wear shoes and hats with the most ideal neutral color.

 Handbags should also be seasonally matched. Grass, fiber or lighter color lighter bright leather handbags, are suitable for warm season, and dark, heavier material, it is suitable for use in the cold season.
 It is best to use simple and formal design handbags at work, do not use too luxurious or too fancy handbags.
 Moreover, the handbag can not be used with the briefcase at the same time. Handbags to fit the figure and body. Full circle of women, as far as possible not to use the shoulder and underarm handbag, it would exaggerate the width of your figure. Short stature should not be used too large handbags, tall women do not back too small handbags.
 No matter what kind of handbag, should not be put too much overweight things, so as not to handbag deformation.
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