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whn A long red line, suddenly between the ground, across the sky, like a kite line, in the night sky under the cover, it is particularly obvious, but also can not wait; like a naughty child, suddenly out of the parents But did not do anything in the air to stay, it lit the night sky, so that the moon was pale, but also let the moon temporarily lost all the light, but it shows all their glory; In an instant, start your bright smile, like an invisible tree, an invisible tree, let them be wrapped around, sending them around the trunk, and making them naive. Tree, is the flowering tree? I do not know, but it opened the flowers, bright and flashing; petals scattered in the air, can not contain the dazzling brilliance, surprising. Or is it silver, fire tree twist? Or red, such as a blooming and rushed to the red roses; or, it is yellow, such as from nine days flying down Jinquan, in the four splash; or purple, is the violet flowers, in silence Revealing a smile. - the distant fireworks, so silently put. Looking at the night sky, but found a few stars, quietly falling in the world; there are red, blue, and yellow, and so on; they fly very slowly, such as walking the elderly, while thinking, while walking And the strands of the earth; Oh, what am I confused, what is this? My heart could not help but secretly asked; and these stars, increasing, and constantly flying, and constantly toward me. Do not know why, suddenly remembered, these stars, is flying Kong Ming Deng. Tree, shaking in the light, or lights in the tree to show off? Constantly changing their own colors, constantly flashing their own charm, and constantly show their own glory, it is dizzying. Now, here is the world of lights, the ocean of light, the paradise of light. Red, like the flame of ignition, the formation of the shape of the tree; or spring to the tree, green; or, is bauhinia flowers, very timely appearance of noble and elegant. I thought the color of the tree, is already fixed, but there have been seen suddenly changed, became the other colors. Can not see the end of the tree, can not see the end of the lights, standing on both sides of the street, so that the night sky lit bright hope. People crowded, smiled, little pointing at the light. With the lights, walking around. Adults are the supporting roles here, and the kids say the real protagonists here. Laughter, enough to affect the mood of the night sky. The wind, in the floating, you can hear it roar, but people laughter annihilation. This time, I walk the lights, and occasionally will not consciously think, is the people in the lamp, or light to see people?The door of the stone room opened, a bunch of blue light poured into the house instantly, direct flower dance can not open his eyes, bow to escape the light, vaguely see a figure approached, then the door was closed again. Come is not someone else, it is white ink edge, is still hanging from the usual smiling face, spotless white skirt. White ink from the top to the bottom of the delicate look at the flower dance, flower dance is this pair of flirtatious eyes to see very uncomfortable, write off the head, no longer see him. "The appearance of the mirror, the next shadow, curtain shape, sleep wake up. Really is a beauty." White ink edge holding a single hand, like a painting in the art, can not help but praise Road. Flower dance seems to have not heard his words, did not seem to see him, did not ignore, she most hate this slippery man, not to mention such a imprisoned her, and ulterior motives. whn

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