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With starting TTR League's season 7 we tried to use templates for the division pages to simplify the editing act - no more redundant "chinese" codes! Just click on "edit" at the top of your division page to see the code. To add ONE match result you have to do the following:

  • insert the date and result of a match to the next line of |match results= with format *Feb 02: Player A vs '''Player B''' : 2.5 - 4.5, latest result at the top
  • go to the code block of Player A and search for the 3 lines of Player A vs Player B like |1v5= |col1v5= |1v5results=
  • the first line is set for the match result from the perspective of Player A like |1v5=2.5:4.5 in our example (in games without ties no need to use positions after decimal point)
  • the second line is set for the result colour, a win gets limegreen, a tie goldenrod, a loss red - so in our example |col1v5=red
  • the third line is set for the games results, put in the results of the 7 games a match is composed of - easy and fast way is to use the excel-converter file (see below)
  • our example: |1v5results='''127''':122<br>079:'''116'''<br>'''109''':'''109'''<br>087:'''103'''<br>058:'''090'''<br>120:'''141'''<br>'''112''':104
  • after you edited the match to Player A's code block you need to recalculate his points, a game won is worth 1 point, a match won is worth 2 additional points, for a tie both players get 1 additional point
  • go to the end of Player A's code block, the 3 first lines are set for games won, games lost, games played (gw+gl=gp and gp has to be divisible by 7), in our example it was the first match of the whole division, so we edit: |1gw=02.5|1gl=04.5|1gp=07
  • the next 3 lines are set for matches won, matches lost, matches played, we edit as follows (mw+ml=mp): |1mw=0.0|1ml=1.0|1mp=1
  • the next 3 lines are set for points won, points lost, points played: we calculate pw=gw+2*mw, pl=gl+2*ml, pp=gp+2*mp (pw+pl=pp and pp has to be divisible by 9): |1pw=02.5|1pl=06.5|1pp=09
  • the next line is set for the player's point average for all his matches played, we calculate pav=pw/mp: |1pav=2.50
  • the last 2 lines of the code block are only to be changed after season: |col1= and |1rank=
  • you now only have to edit the same lines you just edited for Player A in Player B's code block, of course now from the perspective of Player B
  • click on "SHOW PREVIEW" at the bottom and after you checked everything is okay click on "SAVE PAGE" at the bottom

If you do NOT want to add the games' results manually, you can use the excel-converter, use as follows:

  • download the file "TTR-League-Converter.jpg" from the Toolpage and extract the excel sheet hidden within
  • copy the results from the history of Player A


  • open the excel file and use the macro: CTRL+y (or if you do not trust macros: mark K4:N10 and paste text only, then copy K29)


  • paste results Player A to Tiki


  • copy K30 to Tiki results Player2

  • If you want to link screenshots of the games, paste the urls to the games' cell (R4:R10) before you copy K29 and K30 to Tiki
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